The vision, mission and goals of Prince of Songkla University have been laid out clearly in order to give a well defined guidance and facilitating the systematic working and administration of the university to achieve its objectives. The university emblem, university color and university flower are the three symbols which will invariably invoke the senses of belonging and the feeling of nostalgia in all of our alumni.It is also an obligation of the University to prepare and publish a summary report of its performance for viewing by the public. The latest report was in the form of a biannual report for the years 2006-2007.

     Multimedia presentation about Prince of Songkla University and a collection of the University' songs made available for viewing may be accessed below. :

* The Pride of Excellence(Thai Version)

* The Peninsula's Promis(Thai Version)

* The Future(Thai Version)

* The Pride of Excellence(English Version)

* The Peninsula's Promise (English Version)

* The Pride of Excellence (Chinese Version)

     Other University informations may be found at the following web pages. :