Vision/ Mission / Goal

  1. Vision:
  2.      Prince of Songkla University is a leading research-based university in Asia, fulfilling its inspiration of producing internationally recognized graduates, actively engaging in providing services to community, taking a leading role in the preservation and enhancement of national heritage in arts and culture.

  3. Mission:
  4.      2.1 To develop the university into a society of learning based on multi-culture background and sufficiency economy principles, and allow general public an easy and convenient access to learn and gain from whatever forms an sources of knowledge available in the university.
         2.2. To build up expertise and take a leading role in areas of study consistent with the inherent potential of our locality and create a linkage to the global network.
         2.3. To integrate and applied knowledge based on practical experiences to teaching in order to instill intellectual wisdom, virtue, competency and international world-view vision in our graduates.

  5. Goals:
    1. To create value for research works by organizing and distilling them into excellent specialized core-knowledge with a view to produce tangible innovation to drive the future, and to drive Prince of Songkla University into a leading university in the region.

    2.   Key Performance Indicator (level of goals)
      • Number of patents/ copyrights.
      • Ranking status of the university, both university-wise and discipline-wise.
      • The keeping up of the university presence in the circle of institutions of excellence in tertiary education.

    3. To search for knowledge and wisdom to create a wealth of academic resources which is essential for a sustainable development to reach the status of a leading research-intensive university; and to engage in transferring of knowledge and technology to community in order to strengthen and raise the community potential, and to increase the competitiveness of the country in the international level.

    4.   Key Performance Indicator (level of goals)
      • Number of published research papers/person/year.
      • Number of staff actively engaged in research.

    5. To produce graduates who are knowledgeable about their professions, behave in accordance with good Thai moral value, possess life skill and public consciousness, competent to compete in international job market.

    6.   Key Performance Indicator (level of goals)
      • Percentage of success in jobs finding and self employ.
      • Level of satisfaction of employers.
      • Percentage of graduates who work outside the country.

    7. To create academic context which is widely opened and easily accessible for acquisition of knowledge, in a variety of dimensions, formats and platforms whose contents are diversely and comprehensively integrated in order to develop local human resources into a society of learning and wisdom.

    8.   Key Performance Indicator (level of goals)
      • Number of online programs which are presented in the form of virtual university.

    9. To utilize the strategy of proactive management consistent with the administration of multi-campus university, and to operate the system within the practical framework of good governance with emphasis on efficiency, transparency and accountability.

    10.   Key Performance Indicator (level of goals)
        Level of financial stability, evaluate from,
      • Ratio of current revenue/accumulated revenue.
      • Rate of increase of revenue.

    11. To increase competency and to re-engineering the university culture so as to be an institution of learning which accumulates and manages knowledge in a manner which leads to a lasting and stable development.

    12.   Key Performance Indicator (level of goals)
      • Fifty percent of all academic staff will be the holders of doctoral degree/ equivalent within 2009.