Scientific Equipment Center


The Establishment of Scientific Equipment Center project was set up in April 1985, with the stated aim of building up a unit responsible for the repair, maintenance and development of the equipments of all faculties and other organization units of Prince of Songkla University. During the period 1987-1989, the unit received support from International Development Program (IDP), Australia. IDP provided assistance in the form of training scholarships in maintenance of scientific equipments for personnel of the unit, donating basic instruments for repair and maintenance, sending specialists to organize training for repair and maintenance of electronic equipments.

The Scientific Equipment Center was formally established on April 9, 1982 with the objectives of bringing together scientific equipment services of all faculties under a single management; in order to increase efficiency in teaching, learning, research and academic services as well as improving the quality of services on the maintenance, repair, and usage of scientific equipments for university personnel and outside organizations. Another objective is to be the center of workshop training and the making of scientific equipments for Prince of Songkla University. The center consists of three divisions, namely, the Secretary Office, the Repair Maintenance and Equipment Development Division, the Scientific Research Equipment Service Division.

In 1993, Prince of Songkla University had organized a committee to draw up a project to acquire scientific and technological equipments necessary for future academic development of the university. The project was submitted to the Bureau of Budget in 1995, and the university was allotted a special budget of 189.75 million Baht spreading over 5 years (1996-2000) for the procurement of complex, high technology and expensive scientific research equipments. These equipments are needed for research and teaching, and for the development of scientific and technological knowledge to support the economic development of the country, and to improve capability of academic services of the university for the benefits of the community.