In the university policy and development plan for the period 2007-2011, Prince of Songkla University has adopted the direction of development which is consistent with its vision of being a leading university in the Asia region with the obligations of producing graduates, providing academic services and preserving arts and culture; employing research-based approach. There are several indicators which serve to illustrate the research directions of the University. The University has initiated a system that would change the organization culture to one that aims for more research and graduate study involvement, and targeted its effort in becoming excellent in certain disciplines. It is hope that the achievement of being excellent in appropriately selected disciplines would win renown for the University as well as creating example of organizational culture that concentrates on carrying out the principal missions of the organization. The University aims to be an authority on the subjects of para rubber, oil palm, sea food, Songkla lake and Islamic Studies.

Research Policy

The University has set as the first goal in its strategic plan, “to be the University that place emphasis on research in order to create a new body of knowledge which can be used to improve the quality of our graduates and contribute towards the general development as well as the identifying and solving problems of the community, region and country”. Full details of research policy may be found at the website:

Research Administration Unit:

The Office of Research and Development serves as the University administration unit responsible for research works and providing information about research funding opportunities for researchers.

Research Database:

Research data available as hard copies in the library are limited to those already permitted for distribution by the University as e-documents. Research database and information of PSU may be accessed at the following websites.

Other Research Related Information at PSU: