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Admission unit was formerly called “ University Entrance Examination Unit” under the Office of Academic Service Subdivision, Education Service division. On December 2005 it was upgraded to “the Admission subdivision” under the Education Service Division, Office of the President. Its main duties are listed below.

1. Supervising/ Managing the Selection of Undergraduate Students:
1.1 Selection of students by direct university admission system(direct entrance examination) and by quota systems which comprise,

  • Direct university entrance examination for students of the 14 provinces of Southern Thailand.

  • Quota for outstanding high school students.

  • Quota for Muslim students of Southernmost provinces of Thailand (a special project of the Ministry of Interior).

  • Quota for students with special talent in sports.

  • Quota for “medical students for rural area project”.

  • Quota for “dental students for rural area project”.

  • Quota for “ special project to distribute education opportunity to rural districts that are without student who can pass the written entrance examination”.

  • Collaborating with Chiang Mai University in providing opportunity for students of North Thailand who want to study at PSU.

  • Collaborating with Khon Khani University in providing opportunity for students of North Eastern Thailand who want to study at PSU.

1.2 Selection of students for undergraduate studies by the central admission system (overseen by the Commission on Higher Education).
1.3 Managing the examination of professional/ aptitude tests which will be used in selecting the students.
1.4 Managing the Ordinary National Education Test (O-Net) and Advanced National Test (A-Net).
1.5 Managing the selection of students of special projects of the University/ faculties.
1.6 Managing all other selection of undergraduate students of the University.

The management at the operational levels of 1.1, 1.2, 1.3 1.4 is under the responsibility of the various committees/ sub-committees set up by the University, with the Admission sub-division providing secretarial support and acting as coordination unit.

2. Developing/ Managing the Admission System: The Unit has set up admission information database and created exam bank. It also routinely analyzes and evaluates admission examination papers, actively engages in the research and development of the university admission system. Providing guidance services to high school students in Southern Thailand about Prince of Songkla University admission system and available programs of study is also one of its principal duties.