Prince of Songkla University International College (Establishment Project)

Temporary Office :2th Floor, the President Building, Hat Yai Campus
Telophone : +66-7428-2831
Website :

General Information:

On September 15, 2007, the University council Prince of Songkla University passed a resolution that agreed in principle to set up a project to established Prince of Songkla University International College. The assigned responsibility framework of the college is given below.

1. To be in charge of the teaching of general education courses in English.

2. To offer an international program of study that is managed solely by the College.

3. To offer international programs in collaboration with universities from abroad.

4. To offer new programs of study in collaboration with other faculties of the University.

5. To act as the based unit in teaching English Programs for bi-lingual curriculums.

6. To collaborate with language institutes in organizing language preparatory courses for students/ prospective students of various international programs of study

International Programs of Study:

International programs of study expected to be available in the near future are,

1. Chinese Language Studies Program, scheduled for 2010.

2. Information Communication Technology Program, scheduled for 2010.

3. Islamic Management Program, scheduled for 2011.

4. Accounting Information System Program, scheduled for 201x.