Center of Excellence in Natural Rubber Technology



To be a leading research center of excellence based on its research works, and to be relied upon by the society as the sources of knowledge on natural rubber technology.


1. To develop the body of knowledge and rubber production technology by putting emphasis on the modification of rubber molecule, the production of rubber products, products from Elastomer blends natural rubber, thermoplastic natural rubber (TPNR) with special properties such as oil resistance or aging resistance.
2. To develop collaboration between universities, research organizations nationally and internationally in order to set up research networks and produce new researchers.
3. To disseminate research works and academic services on rubber technology, especially to the industrial sector, related government organizations, agricultural groups, cooperative groups and other organizations involving with rubber.
4. To support the learning and teaching on rubber technology at undergraduate and graduate levels both inside and outside the Faculty of Science and Technology, Pattani Campus.