To be a successful quality assurance organization that is relied upon by the University to maintain and develop the quality of its academic excellence.


  1. On the development of the system and mechanism of quality assurance: To use the University’s policy on quality assurance as guide lines in its operation at both the University level and for the assessment of its own office.
  2. On the development of quality assurance personnel: To develop quality assurance personnel in accordance with the operation plan of the University for all levels and for every internal organizations.
  3. On research: To carry out researches and applied them to develop the University.
  4. On academic services: To initially carry out academic services in a reactive manner until the unit possess higher potential.
  5. On public relation: To publicize both the movement and the academic contents of the quality assurance of the University economically and with most benefit.


  1. Develop the system and mechanism of quality assurance of every faculty/ unit to completion in March 19002.
  2. Pass the first trial assessment of the Office for National Education Standards and Quality Assessment (ONESQA) in 2002.
  3. Integrated the quality assurance system and the administration system by 2005.
  4. Develop the quality assurance system to reach international standard in 2007.