Alumni Association

          One of the principal objectives of Prince of Sonkla University, the first university in southern Thailand, is to provide better opportunity for tertiary education to the people of southern Thailand in order to raise education standard and to assist in the development of the community. It aims to be the center of higher learning to support the development of southern Thailand as well as to be the institution that can effectively serve the community. For four decades since its inception in 1967, Prince of Songkla University has produced well over 30,000 graduates. Faculties, alumni, students of the university are major forces whose combined efforts have helped developing our university continuously. We must be prepared and ready to meet any future challenges that may arise, the challenge to the spirit of “ children of Songklanagarind” as befitted the saying of one of the first generation of our faculties that “We are the waves which keep on rolling one after another and keep on pushing Prince of Songkla University through one age after another”.
          The Alumni Association of Prince of Songkla University was set up on February 25, 1982, and was officially approved by the Ministry of Education on April 26, 1983.

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