Molecular Pharmaceutics Unit

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      The Molecular Pharmaceutics Unit, (MP-RU), is one of the research units within the Faculty of Pharmaceutical Sciences. The principal idea behind the setting up of MP-RU is to create a mechanism that can provide opportunity for the exchange of knowledge, ideas, experience and for research collaboration among researchers who are interest in pharmaceutical material details at the molecular level. Collaborative efforts may involve the use of chemical sciences in synthesizing or developing new drug structures, the use of analytical chemistry in the study of pharmacokinetics and the use of pharmaceutical science in developing new potent prescription drugs of good quality. It is anticipated that this concerted effort in research at molecular level will greatly enhance the research and development of drugs particularly in the search for new drug structures or in the development of existing drugs to make them more potent with regards to physical, chemical or bioavailability properties using chemical and/or pharmaceutical processes. New therapeutic properties and side effects of several drugs in use nowadays could be found using modern biotechnology and in depth studies of drug targets and receptors.