Faculty of Medical Technology

Temporary Office : Room 511, fifth floor, Science and Technology Building, Faculty of Science
Telephone: : 074-288314, Fax: 074-288315
Website: : http://medtech.psu.ac.th/


To be the Faculty that is excellence in academic services, researches, knowledge in medical technology; and is an internationally recognized institution.


1. To produce graduates in medical technology who are professionally competent and morally sound.

2. To develop research works that benefits society.

3. To provide academic services in support of general health of the people.

General Information:

Medical technology is a profession which needs a license to work, as stipulated by the Medical Technology Profession Act B.E. 2547. The body which is invested with the power to organize and administer the working of medical technology profession is the Medical Technology Council. The Council has the power and duty to oversee and set standard for all works of the profession which involve interaction with human in order to bring about medical samples and proceed with scientific and technological methods of testing, analyzing, research and reporting the results in order to help in the diagnosis, follow up, treatment, prognosis, disease prevention, or for the evaluation of health condition and the application of research knowledge in developing medical diagnostic products.

The curriculum of Bachelor of Science Program in Medical Technology, a four-year program of study, was approved by the University Council in 2007. The curriculum places emphasis on disease prevention aspect and universal health promotion. The education management is compatible with the expected diverse cultural background of the students. The first enrollment of students for this program occurred in 2008. The program aims to produce medical technology graduates who possess vision, morally and ethically sound, knowledgeable and competent in accordance with professional standard. The graduates should also possess initiativeness, creativeness, and have potential for self-learning and can carry out own research in order to develop the body of knowledge in sciences and medical technology. The Faculty encourages collaboration between institutions and organizations within and outside the country, actively engages in providing community services and strives for academic excellence, based on sufficiency economy principles.