Faculty of Traditional Thai Medicine

website : http://www.ttmed.psu.ac.th/


        To be a leading regional institute in traditional Thai medicine education


       1.To produce graduates with a Bachelor, Master, and Doctoral Degree in traditional Thai medicine.
       2. To produce research work in traditional Thai medicine and southern folk medicine in order to use the body of knowledge in teaching and providing academic services focusing on validation of theories, development of a body of knowledge and services in traditional Thai medicine by combining scientific, social, and humanistic thinking and reasoning.
       3. To transfer the body of knowledge and staff experiences or research to the community through academic services.
       4. To provide academic services that emphasize health improvement, cure and prevention of diseases and offer health services based on the principles of traditional Thai medicine.
       5. To preserve the heritage of arts and culture.

       The traditional Thai medicine has coexisted with Thai society for centuries. The medical practice is founded on practical experiences of Thai wisdom accumulated and transferred through the ages. However, traditional Thai medicine has been neglected of late and replaced by modern medicine. Fortunately, it has not yet disappeared from Thai society because some people still use it for curing diseases and taking care of their health. Practitioners of traditional Thai medicine transfer the traditional techniques, individually and by private organizations, in the form of associations or groups involved with traditional Thai medicine or traditional Thai pharmacy .

Prince of Songkla University, a leading university in the south of Thailand, has recognized the potential of traditional Thai medicine as an alternative medical option for Thai society. The university decided to play a role in traditional Thai medicine education in order to preserve, study, research, and develop the alternative medical option that is expected to be of benefit to society and the country.

After the proposed education in traditional Thai medicine was incorporated into the development plan of the university for the period 2002-2006, a committee was formed to set up a curriculum for the Bachelor Degree of Science in Traditional Thai Medicine. The University Council approved the curriculum in 2004, and the first groups of students were enrolled in 2005.