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       To be a leading law faculty of the nation, constantly build up the body of knowledge to cope with social dynamics.


       1. To produce graduates who are knowledgeable in their profession, morally sound and competent in foreign languages.
       2. To build up knowledge in law consistent with the context of Thai society.
       3. To develop the Faculty of Law to be an academic society, and to offer academic services to the community.

       Law profession is one of the important professions which can affect the national security in economics, social, peace and order, and fairness in society. The University Council passed the resolution to set up the Faculty of Law at Hat Yai Campus, and after a curriculum for Bachelor degree in Law was completed the first law student was admitted in 2002. The Faculty of law is focusing on researches in law in order to solve social problems in the locality of southern Thailand. The faculty was formally established in 2003 and currently offers Bachelor programs of study in business law, public law, civil and commercial law, and international law.