Faculty of Liberal Arts

website : http://www.libarts.psu.ac.th/


To be a leading faculty in the region that specializes in humanities, social sciences and linguistics.


1. To produce graduates in liberal arts who are knowledgeable, morally sound, wide-vision, able to adjust to society, capable of forming a body of knowledge with community linkage.
2. To manage general education in order to impart to students the desired characteristics required by the university.
3. To be the source of knowledge and research, for the development of human and society.
4. To provide community services in matter of importance in order to raise and develop the quality of people in the region.
5. To preserve national heritage in arts and culture in order to foster the love, care, and appreciation of their values, as well as to learn and understand the importance of diverse cultures.

The Faculty of Liberal Arts was established in 1997, in order to support and manage the teaching of general education in response to the production of graduates who must possess the desired characteristics as stipulated by the university. In addition, the faculty will focus on the academic development at the graduate level, the development of research and community services. The Faculty of Liberal Arts consists of two departments, the department of Educational Foundation and the department of Languages and Linguistics; the faculty color is orange-red.