Faculty of Engineering

Website: : http://www.eng.psu.ac.th/
Telephone: : 0-7428-7108 Tel/ Fax 0-7428-7111


To produce engineers and academic works which are recognized internationally.


  • To produce graduates who are capable and competent, morally sound, familiar with and capable of adapting autonomous/ constructivist learning experience to their future professional works
  • To build up the body of knowledge and appropriate technology suitable for the development of regional industries, with linkage to the global network.
  • To integrate research and academic service knowledge and experiences for teaching purposes.
  • To create learning environments which are suitable and widely opened for the general public.

Faculty of Engineering Prince of Songkla University, the first faculty of the University, was established in 1967. Number of enrollment of the first batch of student was 50.

Internal Organization Units of the Faculty:

1. Secretary Office TEL : 0-7428-7107 FAX : 0-7421-2803 E-mail :sarrapee.s@psu.ac.th

2.Academic Services Unit TEL : 0-7428-7088-9 FAX : 0-7445-9399 E-mail : kitiyaporn.s@psu.ac.th

3.Engineering Computer Unit TEL : 0-7428-7094 E-mail :info@eng.psu.ac.th

4.Information Technology Management Curriculum Unit: TEL : 0-7428-7430

5. Energy Engineering Center: TEL : 0-7421-2802 FAX : 0-7421-2802

6. Department of Electrical Engineering http://www.ee.psu.ac.th TEL : 0-7428-7045-6 FAX : 0-7445-9395 E-mail : booncharoen.w@psu.ac.th

7.Department of Mechanical Engineering http://www.me.psu.ac.th TEL : 0-7428-7035-6 FAX : 0-7421-2893 E-mail : mech@me.psu.ac.th

8.Department of Civil Engineering http://homepage.eng.psu.ac.th/ce TEL : 0-7428-7015-6 FAX : 0-7421-2891 E-mail : nsupit@.psu.ac.th

9.Department of Industrial Engineering http://www.ie.psu.ac.th/TEL : 0-7428-7025-6 FAX : 0-7455-8829 E-mail : ie-psu@eng.psu.ac.th

10.Department of Chemical Engineering http://homepage.eng.psu.ac.th/che TEL : 0-7428-7055-6 FAX : 0-7421-2896 E-mail : lupong.k@psu.ac.th

11.Department of Computer Engineering http://www.coe.psu.ac.th TEL : 0-7428-7075-6 FAX : 0-7421-2895 E-mail : darunee.s@psu.ac.th

12.Department of Mining and Materials Engineering http://www.mne.psu.ac.th TEL : 0-7428-7065-6 FAX : 0-7421-2897 E-mail : thawatchai.p@psu.ac.th

13.13. Specialized Research and Development Center for Alternative Energy from Palm Oil and Oil Crops TEL : 0-7428-7185

14. Networking Technology Research Center, Tel: 0-7428-7075-6 (contact person: Assoc. Prof. Dr. Sinchai Kamolpiwong).

15. Engineering Materials Research Center, Tel: 0-7428-7321 (contact person: Assoc. Prof. Pitsanu Bunnual).

16. Energy Technology Research Center, Tel: 0-7428-7035 (contact person: Assoc. Prof. Gumpon Prateepchaikul).

Study Programs:

Bachelor Degree Programs (12 programs):

The Faculty offers 12 undergraduate programs of study. They are Bachelor programs in Electrical Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, Civil Engineering, Industrial Engineering, Chemical Engineering, Mining Engineering, Computer Engineering, Environmental Engineering, Production Engineering, Materials Engineering, Mechatronic Engineering, and Biomedical Engineering.

Master degree Programs (12 programs):

The Faculty offers 11 master degree programs of study. They are master degree programs in Electrical Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, Civil Engineering, Industrial and System Engineering, Chemical Engineering, Mining Engineering, Computer Engineering, Materials Engineering, Environmental Engineering, Industrial Management (part time), Information Technology Management (part time).

Doctor of Philosophy Programs (5 programs):

At the present, the Faculty runs 5 doctoral of philosophy programs in Chemical Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, Computer Engineering, Electrical Engineering, Materials Engineering.