One of an important mission of Prince of Songkla University is to develop the university into an academic society, achieving a leading role in the fields of study consistent with the inherent potential of the community of southern Thailand, and with global linkage. The objectives are to develop local wisdom into a body of knowledge with added values to increase the understanding of local community way of life, as well as improving community strength and resiliency. Up to now, the university has produced a large quantity of research works relating to the community, but they have been largely piecemeal works, lacking in continuity and proper connection with the community. The research works which find application in the community is still minimal and the bulk of them do not positively response to the real need of community.
          The Institute of Research and Development for Health of Southern Thailand realizes that by creating opportunities for the graduates of the university to work more closely with the people of the community, the understanding and relationship between the university and the community will become much better. This can result in research works of more immediate use to the community which may be further developed to obtain works of international quality. In addition, it will help develop and mould graduates of the university to become citizens with public consciousness, idealism and appreciation of local community way of life. The Institute of Research and Development for Health of Southern Thailand has thus decided to set up the PSU Volunteer Project in order to bring about the benefit mentioned, and to make the university presence be more appreciated by the community.