Institute of Biomedical Engineering

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     Institute of Biomedical Engineering was established on October 6, 2000 under the agreement between National Science and Technology Development Agency, Ministry of Science and Technology and Prince of Songkla University. Its objectives is to be the principal unit in creating and developing research network, organizing annual national conference and training workshop on biomedical engineering for the purpose of technology transfer. The institute also has the responsibility of creating research work and developing research personnel. Research in biomedical engineering has been carried out at Prince of Songkla University since 1993, even before the setting up of the Institute of Biomedical Engineering. The research work has resulted in several innovation and patents inside and outside the country; several innovations including commercially viable prototypes patents are pending. In addition, the institute has cooperated with government and private sectors in turning some research works into commercial products in order to improve and strengthen the competitiveness of the medical instruments and products industry of the country.