Coastal Resources Institute


Coastal Resources Institute, Prince of Songkla University (CORIN) was established in 1989 by a joint agreement between the Thai Government and the United States of America, through DTEC ad USAID, under the Management of Natural Resources and Environment Project. The objectives are to set up a professionally competent institution for the management of coastal resources of the country as well as to carry out researches, providing academic services and support the learning and teaching in the management of natural environmental and coastal resources. p>

It is now recognized as an institute with expertise in the management of natural resources of coastal and water basin areas. The Institute has actively participated in several programs in Thailand and in Southeast Asian region involving with the objectives of maintaining the natural resources of the coastal and water basin areas for a long lasting usage. Great emphasis has been placed on an integrated approach, multiple-parties and strong involvement of the communities. The Institute has great potential to mobilize accepted technical process and methodology for the management of resources of the areas in order that they find real application in researches and practice. The Institute strongly advocates learning and training through practice.

The Institute accomplishments, from 1990 to the present, demonstrates its expertise as a specialized unit in carrying out the researches and academic services, readily building up the body of knowledge in resources management in a holistic approach based on real practice, and always stresses on encouraging the communities to be strong and utilize their potential for development. Apart from researches, the development of integrated curriculum on coastal management of the Institute is well recognizes inside and outside the country. Furthermore, it has been involved in several Royal Initiated Projects and projects of the countries of the Mekong river basin. The Institute has received financial supports from within and outside the country, and can be considered as a self support institute.