PSU Hat Yai Campus Radio Station


     PSU Hat Yai Campus Radio Station is an autonomous unit under the supervision of Prince of Songkla University. Initially it was only a training laboratory in audio and radio transmission for students of the department of Electrical Engineering Prince of Songkla University. Later on July 11, 1981 it began its broadcasting service for the first time, but during night time only, for only 5 hours a day and with no commercial. The first transmitter was a low power FM transmitter and was able to cover only a limited area. In 1983 commercial broadcasting was permitted and day time broadcasting allowed.

     The radio station has been continuously developed, a higher power transmitter and additional accessory equipments were installed so that the broadcasting now covers the entire area of Sonkla Province and some parts of the adjacent provinces. The radio station also provides relay transmission of Thai Language News from BBC of England, VOA of the United States and CRI of China, every day.

Compare with other radio stations in southern Thailand, PSU Hat Yai Campus Radio Station has the largest percentage of news and knowledge programs. The primary responsibilities of the PSU Hat Yai Campus Radio Station are as follows:
1. To publicize the missions and activities of the university.
2. To broadcast local news, relay news transmission of the Radio of Thailand, relay transmission of Thai Language News of BBC, VOA and CRI.
3. To be a training place for students who take courses in radio broadcasting or related courses.
4. To produce and broadcast programs which involve participation of citizens of the communities in raising and trying to find solutions for the problems in the society and communities.
5. To produce and broadcast/ relay transmission/ re-transmit education programs to improve the education of high school level students of the southern boarder provinces which have been plagued by the unrest problems so much so that the standard of education in the area is much below national standard, so that they stand a better chance to succeed in the university entrance examination/ university admission.

Example of programs of the PSU Hat Yai Campus Radio Station:
1. Coffee Shop: A talk-program about the country situation and general knowledge, on-air every Monday-Friday 10.00-11.00 am; and on Saturday (Sipping Coffee Beside the Coffee Shop) between 10.00-12.00 am.
2. Direct Lines University Network: A talk-program about news, knowledge, and documentary resulting from cooperation of all the university radio stations of the country; on-air simultaneously Monday-Friday 12.00 am-13.00 pm.
3. Our Community and Country: A talk-program aims to alleviate problems in society by inviting the citizens to air their complaints or grievance and then contacts, on-air or by phone, the responsible organizations to get the message across or to get the answer; it also covers matter of interest to the community; on-air Monday-Friday 13.00-17.00 pm.
4. Around PSU on Sunday: A talk-program concerns mainly with public relation news, research, seminars or conferences news of all campuses of PSU; on-air every Sunday 18.00-19.00 pm.