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To be an academic community that strives for the development of knowledge and mankind in a peaceful way in order to create a long lasting peaceful community.


1. To build up a body of knowledge and develop academic skills in order to create intellectual capital for the Institute.

2. To integrate the body of knowledge using peace studies approach, and to develop the potential of mankind for peaceful existent in the multi-culture society.

3. To stimulate and drive for equality in the society using the peace studies approach.

About the Institute:

The Peace Studies Institute of Prince of Songkla University was set up in 2004 on the recommendation of Prof. Prawase Wasi, MD., Dr. Ekawit Na Thlang, Mr.Sopon Supapong who were honorable members of Prince of Songkla University Council; and under the leadership of Assoc. Prof. Prasert Chitapong, then the president of the university. The aims of the institute is to build up a body of knowledge and skill in the development of society and human resources in a peaceful manner, employing processes of conflict management, contemplative education, human right consideration and islamic way of peace management. The institute has been involved in undergraduate education by offering several elective subjects, and has now offered a graduate program of study in Conflict and Peace Studies for the first time in 2008.

The Peace Studies Institute is an organization of faculty status of Prince of Songkla University that put emphasis on holistic approach in its education of students. It aims to produce Master degree graduates that can keep up with the changes in society and possess potential for analyzing and creating a society that are peaceful. The Institute has cooperated in teaching, researches, and academic services with many faculties such as Faculty of Liberal Arts, Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences, College of Islamic Studies, Faculty of Political Sciences and Faculty of Communication Sciences. It also has collaborative academic agreements with several institutions within and outside the country, for example, Mahidol University, Kasetsart University, King Prajadhipok’s Institute, Center for Peaceand Conflict Studies Chulalongkorn University, Royal Road Univerity, Canada and Universiti Sains Malaysia.

Internal Offices and Centers within the Institute:

• Office of Secretary
• Conflict Management Center
• Contemplative Education Center
• Human Rights Studies Center
• Islamic Perspective for Peace and Development Center


(1) Offer elective courses for undergraduate programs of study, and offer a Master Degree program in Conflict and Peace Studies.

(2) Carry out research in order to build up a body of knowledge in conflict management in society, and develop curricula in peace studies that are suitable for modern Thai society.

(3)Provide academic services for interested parties inside and outside the University in the forms of academic advices, seminars, training and special lectures.

(4) Support and promote peaceful culture by putting emphasis on creating peaceful environment through student potential development activities, such as multi-culture society learning project, talk through the cinema project, student and peace in Southern Thailand project (Dream Keeper II), short training course in contemplative education, and several other projects of peace studies club.