Nanotec Center of Excellence at PSU


Center of excellence in Nanotechnology at Prince of Songkla University was established in 2006 under the collaboration among researcher from three faculties; Sciences, Pharmacy and Engineering. Today, the research in Nanotechnology is actively carried out in Thailand because we cannot deny advance Technology in this century. Our main focus is on Nano-Materials as we group together we hope that we can stimulate and generate the research atmosphere and activities. Also the expansion of graduate studies can generate the opportunities to keep pace with advances in Nanotechnology.

The strength of our group arises from our well qualified members and the excellent facilities for teaching ad research. The group currently has over 20 academic staff members. Further expansion of the group is expected to continue for the near future. We also welcome other disciplines and member staff from other universities nationally or internationally. With these members, the group maintains a rigorous research environment with activities spanning both traditional and new emerging areas of research in Nanotechnology.