Health Science Library

     The Health Science Library was originally “the Library of the Faculty of Medicine, Hat Yai Campus, Prince of Songkla University” established in 1973. Initially it was temporary located in the main building of the Faculty of Engineering, with area of only about 20 square meters. Most of its medical books were the donation from the Fifth Field Hospital, an American Army hospital in Bangkok which was dismantled after the Vietnam War. Since the number of books in the library was small, a lecturer in the Department of Nursing was asked to help in the running the library.

     In 1976, a librarian from the Medical Library, Chulalongkorn University was transferred to the Faculty of Medicine, Prince of Songkla University, and she was assigned to run the medical library. In 1979 the library was moved to the third floor of the Administrative Building, Faculty of Medicine, with the area of 1000 square meters. It was again moved in 1986 to its permanent location at the Combined Lecture and Library Building, with the floor area of 2042 square meters and 250 seating capacity.

     After the Office of Academic Services, Prince of Songkla University was established in 1989, the Medical Library was renamed “the Health Science Library”, and became, structurally but not administratively, a division under its wings. The yearly budgeting request for the Health Science Library is mainly prepared by the Faculty of Medicine; only limited items is prepared by the Office of Academic Services.

Opening Hours:
     Monday-Friday 07.30 am-09.30 pm
     Saturday-Sunday 08.30 am-04.30 pm
     Public holidays Closed