Khunying Long Athakravisunthorn Learning Resources Center

     During the first decade of the university, each of the faculties at Hat Yai Campus Prince of Songkla University, had its own library, and there was no concerted effort to reorganize the library system of the Campus, despite the apparent disadvantages of the system with disjointed libraries. The attempt to centralize the library resources started in mid 1970 by Prof. Sawas Sakulthai, the fourth president of the university. The libraries of the Faculty of Engineering and the Faculty of Science was relocated to the same new location and all their resources combined and came under the management of a central unit “ Khnying Long Athakravisunthorn Library”, which officially opened on November 24, 1978. Initially the library was a unit in the Education Service Division of the Office of the President, and in June 1989 it was upgraded to “KhunYing Long AthakravisunthornLearning Resources Center” under the Office of Academic Services.

Opening Hours:
     During Semester Sessions:
     Monday-Friday     08.30 am-10.30 pm
     Saturday             09.00 am-08.00 pm
     Sunday               09.00 am-08.00 pm.
     Two weeks before the start of final examination: Extend the closing time to 12.00 pm.

     During Summer Semester Session:
     Monday-Friday     08.30 am-7.30 pm
     Saturday             09.00 am-08.00 pm
     Sunday               Closed

     Semester Breaks:
     Monday-Friday     08.30 am-4.30 pm
     Saturday-Sunday     Closed
     Public Holidays:       Closed

     For further inquiry call 2352, 0-7428-2352 or e-mail