Research and Development Office

Determination Statement:
To power and drive Prince of Songkla University towards excellence in research.

Shared Value:
Ready and willing to learn and change for a lasting and stable progress of the organization.

To be an active supporting unit in administration and management of research works in order to power, and develop Prince of Songkla University into an efficient research-intensive university.

1. To organize/ develop system and mechanism which can comprehensively support the administration and management of the researches of the university.
2. To support fully the development of projects and research works in order that they may progress as scheduled, and completed efficiently and with quality.
3. To support the publication and dissemination of research works, and to stimulate the application of researches in appropriate target groups when the proper situation arises.
4. To support/ incubate special projects which are involve with or being the infra-structures necessary for the development of Prince of Songkla University in order to become a research-intensive university.

1. To utilize the policy, directions, strategy for researches, of the university in the coordination of works between various research units.
2. To support the integration between researches and graduate studies so that both are benefited.
3. To develop researchers in various fields such as in the management of research, development of research proposal, research paper writing, researcher ethics, creating new researchers etc.
4. To acquire and distribute research funds from both within and outside the university.
5. To arrange for/ support the university researchers to obtain research funds as well as to help develop research proposal which may attract funding from both inside and outside the country; and to develop other research supporting systems.
6. To manage research information system.
7. To manage the university research funds.
8. To support the publication and dissemination of research work, and the publishing of PSU Journals.
9. To promote research works in order that they may be utilized.
10. To systematically classify research works, carry out the management of research works in a proactive manner, and manage the intellectual properties of the researchers.
11. To organize or create research clusters/ networks within and outside the university, or with partners outside the country.
12. To initiate new research groups, nurture or incubate them in order to help developing them into research institutes or centers of excellence.
13. To coordinate to organize research consortium with outside organizations, societies, communities, industries, in the quest for research questions, joint researches and in making use of the research works.
14. To follow up, assess and carry out quality assurance of the research projects in Prince of Songkla Uiversity.
15. To perform other works in response to the research policy of the university.

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