Emblem, Flower and Color of the University

University Emblem:

      On 29th July 1969 Prince of Songkla University was granted the Royal permission to use its present emblem which is a modification of the personal emblem of HRH Prince Mahidol the Royal Father of His Majesty the King. Prince of Songkla University emblem is composed of the Royal Coat of Arms of Thailand placed under the great crown of victory (Phra Maha Phichi Mongkut) and above the intertwined two Thai letters " ม.อ.". The intertwined letters is circumscribed by a partial circle of the blue ribbon bearing the inscription “มหาวิทยาลัยสงขลานครินทร์” which is the name of the university in Thai.
  • The great crown of victory or Phra Maha Phichi Monkut: One of the most important Royal Regalia of Thailand which signifies the status of the King.
  • The Royal Coat of Arms of Thailand: Represent the house of Chakri dynasty, consist of the discus (Chakra) and the trident (Trisula) the celestial weapon of the God Narayana of whom the King of Chakri dynasty is seen as a personification.
  • The intertwined two Thai letters “ ม.อ.” : The two intertwining letters are the Thai initials of the name of HRH Prince Mahidol (Mahidol Adulyadej)
  • The university's name, “สงขลานครินทร์” : The honorific name, a part of the full title “ Somdej Chao Fa Mahidol Adulyadej Kromma Khun Songkla Nakarin”, which means “ HRH Mahidol Adulyadej the ruler of the city of Songkla” bestowed upon HRH Prince Mahidol by King Rama V in 1903. His Royal Highness was elevated posthumously to "Somdej Chao Fa Mahidol Adulyadej Kromma Luang Songkla Nakarin" on 30 November 1929 by King Rama VII.

University flower: The official flower of Prince of Songkla University is the flower of “Sritrang tree” (Jacaranda filicifolia(Anders) D.Don), which is an indigenous plant of Brazil.

University color: The official color of Prince of Songkla University is “Blue”. The color which is used to denote noble or Royal bloodline of which the university namesake, HRH Prince Mahidol, was one.