“The Establishment of Trang Campus, Prince of Songkla University project” sprang from the initiation of His Excellency Chuan Leekpai who was then concurrently a member of the house of representative for Trang Province and the Vice Chairman of Prince of Songkla University Council. His Excellency had proposed in his letter to the then president of Prince of Songkla University that the University should seriously consider the extension of its academic service area to cover Trang Province. The rationale behind his proposal was that although Trang Province is the most populated province on the west coast of Southern Thailand and being the center of Middle Southern Thailand, it still lacks tertiary education institution (university).

A consultation meeting was then called between the University representatives and the representatives of the private sector and government officials of Trang Province. The outcome was that it is feasible to operate certain programs of study at Trang Province. The program of study agreed upon is the Business Administration in Business Computer. The University had then set up “The Establishment of Trang Campus, Prince of Songkla University project” and extend its education services area to include Trang Province. Subsequently, the then Bureau of University Affairs, had proposed that the format of the new Campus be revised from “a normal campus” to “ an information campus”. That is the dissemination of knowledge or information to students should rely more through online acquisition than through physical contact. The programs of study offered at Trang Campus place more emphasis on applied social science business and service industry, including business related technology. The Trang Campus is situated at Tambon Kuanpring, Muang District, Trang Province. At the present it has only one faculty, the Faculty of Commerce and Management. Further information about the Campus may be found through the links shown below.

Trang Campus Website : http://www.trang.psu.ac.th

Trang Campus