Surat Thani Campus

Prince of Songkla University has started to consider expanding its academic operation to Surat Thani Province in 1990 by setting up a working group to study the feasibility of establishing a Campus at Surat Thani. It was founded that the province has potential to be a center of higher education to support the economics and social development of the region. In addition, it has strong support from the local community groups, especially the private sector. The establishment of Surat Thani Education Service area project was thus approved and progressed at a steady speed until it has reached a full campus status.

Surat Thani Campus, Prince of Songkla University is now a leading tertiary education center of the Upper Southern Thailand with the duty of producing competent graduates, providing academic services to community, preserving heritage in arts and culture. Since its inception, the Campus administration has always endeavored to promote and support research activities of its faculty. At the present a significant number of distinguished research works have been carried out here, and each year several research papers produced by the faculty of the Campus have been accepted and published in various national and international journals. The Campus is aiming to be an internationally recognized medium-level status campus, to be the center of education, research, academic services of Upper Southern Thailand, and especially to be a leader on the field of study that integrated the technological management sciences and environment sciences for a lasting use of biological resources of the region. In addition, it also aims to produce graduates who are proficient in information technology and have good command of current international languages. Further information about the Campus may be found through the links shown below.

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