Prince of Songkla University is the first university in Southern Thailand. The construction of buildings and necessary facilities was first commenced in 1966 at Tambon Ruesamilae, Pattani Province. Three year later, in 1969, construction of buildings and facilities was started at the second Campus, at Tambon Korhong, Hat Yai District, Songkla Province. In 1971, when the construction of facilities at the second Campus was partially completed, about two hundreds of all 2nd – 4th year students and staff of the Faculty of Engineering were moved to the new campus at Hat Yai, while first year engineering students still studied at the temporary site at Bangkok. Before the starting of the first semester of academic year 1972, the temporary University site at Bangkok was closed and the rest of students and staff of the Faculty of Engineering and all of the students and staff of the Faculty of Science were moved to Hat Yai Campus. The central administration of Prince of Songkla University was relocated to its permanent site at Hay Yai Campus. Since then the Campus has developed tremendously. It now has fourteen faculties which offer hundreds of programs of study ranging from undergraduate to post doctoral levels. Further information about the Campus may found through the links shown below :

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