Prince of Songkla University is the first university in Southern Thailand. The construction of buildings and necessary facilities was commenced in 1966 at Tambon Ruesamilae, Pattani Province. At first the University was named “the University of Southern Thailand”. However, on September 22, 1967 His Majesty the King graciously granted the University the name “Prince of Songkla University” in honor of his beloved father, “His Royal Highness Chao Fa Mahidol Adulyadej Kromma Luang Songkla Nakarin”. On March 12, 1968 Prince of Songkla University Act was announced in the Royal Gazette, and the Act became effective on March 13, 1968. March 13 is thus recognized as the foundation day of the University. Since its inception, Prince of Songkla University has played a significant roles in the development of Southern Thailand in accordance with the education development plan of the country which is in itself the foundation for economics and social development that aims for a peaceful and equitable coexistent of the people. The University has become the tertiary education institution which carries the largest share of academic services for both rural and urban communities of Southern Thailand. At the present, Prince of Songkla University consists of five campuses. Each campus is committed to academic excellence, strong social responsibility and active engagement in community services. Wherever practicable, the services provided will be tailored to meet the requirement and consistent with the need of local communities.

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Hat Yai Campus  
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