PSU Demonstration School student wins 1st prize in the poster design contest on global warming solutions

A student of PSU Demonstration School won two prizes at a science project contest on the theme of global warming solutions under the topic “Clean Energy for Sustainable Global Warming Solutions” organized by the Ministry of Science and Technology and the South Korean APEC Mentoring Center for the Gifted in Science (AMGS). The project mentor also won the prize “Mentor of the Year 2010”. In this competition, more than 30 talented high school students from 27 APEC member countries participated, for example, the USA, Russia, Australia, China, Indonesia, New Zealand, Brunei, Japan and Thailand.

Students from member countries were recruited to stay in a camp to create their science projects to solve global warming and environmental problems. The competition was divided into two categories: 1. Poster Design, and 2. “Carbon Zero Eco-House” Project. The judges were from 27 member nations. For the first category, Mr. Naim Lae-ni, an 11th grader at Prince of Songkla Uinversity Demonstration School, Pattani Campus won the 1st prize on the topic “A Study of Oxalic Acid Levels in Some Southern Thailand Local Vegetables”. His work was outstanding because of its academic correctness, its applications benefiting mankind, and most importantly, its stemming from folk wisdom utilizing natural solutions that was scientifically proven.

The poster designed by Mr. Naim Lae-ni will be published and distributed to all 27 APEC member nations. Regarding the “Carbon Zero Eco-House”project, Thai students could utilize natural materials and energy sources and elimination of waste effectively.

Furthermore, Mr. Naim Lae-ni grabbed the first runner up prize (silver medal) for the Team Project Category on the topic “Carbon Zero Eco-House” and Mr. Hamidah Musa, a science project mentor of PSU Demonstration School, won the 2010 Mentor of the Year Award.