The Computer Center Hat Yai Campus Prince of Songkla University was established in 1975 as a central unit in providing computer services for teaching and administrative works of the university. Its work load has since been increased many folds and its scope of works enlarged greatly to include the provision of information services, network services, internet and intranet services, training and computer technical services and many more. For more than three decades after its humble beginning, the Computer Center has continuously progressed and developed; conscientiously seeking the best and most modern equipments and providing the best and most up to date services, constrained only by its limited budget, to all of its users. It can proudly state that the Computer Center Hat Yai Campus Prince of Songkla University is one of the best university computer centers of the country in terms of quality of equipments, personnel and services system. It is the Computer Center assertion that this condition will persist into the future, in accordance with our mission statement that “the Computer Center will strives to provide high quality information technology continuously in response to the need, and for the satisfaction of our users”.